The quest for truth is so ingrained in the human psyche that no matter to what degree a person has debased himself, he will always experience peaceful reassurance when he is convinced that he has been “given the lowdown” of a situation. He wants to know the real facts of a matter and appreciates being regarded highly enough to be told the truth of a happening or situation, even if he struggles to cope with that truth or is himself an inveterate liar!

As a matter of fact, one of the very few things all human beings of all races and all stations in life have in common is their high regard for people who speak the truth, coupled with their disdain for liars. The person who speaks truthfully to ordinary people or to the powerful is normally viewed with much respect, although the risk of such forthrightness can be significant and is simultaneously acknowledged.

Dr Fatai Badmus - Asòtítọ́Asòtítọ́ as a platform has been established to democratise the consideration, acceptance and adoption of truth in order to make it a fundamental ingredient of general and specialised discourse. Dr Fatai Badmus has directly and indirectly obtained many profound experiences in 4 countries on 3 continents over the last 60 years or so; through that as well as his wide exposure to happenings across the whole world, he has evolved into Asòtítọ́, i.e. one who fearlessly and unapologetically speaks the truth as he sees it.

The deal is that even as Dr Badmus recognises and expresses the nuances and sensitivities of particular situations, he has no intention of being neutral as he will never shy away from stating his clear positions where necessary.

Because of this fearless pursuit of truth and the expression of that truth, it is probable that some readers might feel uncomfortable with some of the material on this site. Dr Badmus welcomes their comments and contributions to the discourse but makes no apologies for their discomfort. “Political correctness” is not one of the objectives of Asòtítọ́ and it would be futile for any reader to ask for such.

Thank you very much for stopping by this site. It is hoped that you will have become a different person (if only in respect of certain issues or experiences) by the time you leave. Equally important, you are very welcome to return here frequently and participate in any of our robust discussions.

So, breathe deeply, adjust your shoes and let’s tango


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